MachineMan Personal Projects Custom

I Run a really off the wall, loud and hard party with my friends called Dark Side of the Boom!
Hand-drew an iconic character for the 2nd flyer, and decided to make a dedicated sneaker in "love".
I also needed to delete some info off my brain, so I needed these for rememberance!
Theyre dubbed the "Dark Side of the Zoom" and done on completely grey Dunk High Samples.
The have not released these samples yet!

Pack all together



Wall and Wayfairer


Box detail DSOTB Character



MahineMan Showcase Series - Lakai Show @ Baseline Studios

Baseline Studios in Long Str, Cape Town recently held a show in collaboration with Lakai Sneakers.
Each artist was given a pair of blank Lakai Lacozy slippers.
And these were my submission.
Part of a series to come called "Eat/Sleep/Work Sneakers"
These are the Dubbed the "eats"

Human food.


Chicken Drumsticks


Mashed Potato


Base of operations

MachineMan Friend Commision - Eitan

If i was flesh and blood...i`d have friends.
My Boy Eitan let me run wild...and run I did!
Slapped in some amazing STARKS Laces from NYC Available Exclusively in S.A @ SHELFLIFE (119 LOOP STR, Cape Town, South Africa)
Didnt get the chance to do a box...but check em out!
How to throw paint 101

Starks Lace Co.

"Head" in the clouds

MachineMan Customer Commision - Amer

base shoe - white airforce low

Amer got the TRUE Machine treatment.
He picked a kick and told me to upgrade it with the latest design platform.
So I hooked him up.
Loving doing dope ass boxes...loving the metalics, love the clear gel sole

Amer Sneakers

sole detizzle



MachineMAn Customer Commision - Richie

These I did for a guy who lives in the U.K.
He wanted something really chic and classy - subtle details, with his initials "RCA" on the heel!
I went with my tried and tested "Paper Airforce" design.
This means a Wht/wht airforce mid base shoes, and i made all the stitching black by hand!


side view

ye olde heel logo

richies kicks

MachineMan Customer Commision - Prinav

These sneakers were made for a customer in Durban for his birthday. His sisters came in and wanted to do something special for their brother! We knew he liked green and gold, and that he would have wanted them somewhat "flashy"
The Base sneakers is a wht/wht AF1 Mid

Closer view

They stare back at you!

all in one (of one)

Prinavs kicks


MachineMan Custom JAKE "bteam Series"


Base shoe - Nike AF1 Mid Wht/wht

I Prefer things more simple.
Subtle Changes to stitching colour...
!!bright!! orange accents
Detail - The devil there-in

(I am more than aware of the sub-standard photographic quality)

Outside and Details

Insides and brights

MachineMan Custom DOM "bteam Series"


Base Shoe - Nike AF1 Mid Blk/Blk

These sneakers I made for myself...
If I wasnt a machine, I would love them...they pop to this day.
Dedicated to the bteam cause, these were named after my brother Dom.

MachineMan "DOM" bteam series

Back view

Apposable "bt" logos